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Gadsden Regional Physician Clinics
Cardiology Consultants

Cardiology Consultants

The staff and physicians at Cardiology Consultants are committed to working with you and your family physician to make visits to our office as easy and comfortable as possible. We understand your concern that you may have a heart problem and how it may affect your future. Should any heart disease be found, we are equally committed to assisting you and your family physician in its treatment, as well as prevention of additional problems.

Every year millions of people are affected by heart problems. Fortunately, multiple treatments are available, which can eliminate or greatly reduce the effects of these diseases. You are not alone. Cardiology Consultants is there for you and your family.

For first-time patients

Bring all medications in their original pharmacy bottles

  1. Bring your insurance cards
  2. Bring any previous EKG, lab test results, procedure reports or other medical records
  3. Know your medical history and be prepared to discuss your history and/or ask questions
  4. Be prepared to pay your co-pay, if applicable
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